Monday, February 8, 2010

Paint Spill

Michela showed me this picture today during our Promotions meeting for Ad Team. It really caught my attention because of the bright paint. As I followed the paint down I was amazed at how it looked like a huge paint spill. Then at the bottom, I saw the cars covered in paint and thought GENIUS! Not only does it look like a paint spill on the building but they went all the way through with it. I also noticed that it was a perfect partnership. It takes two things that you would never put together, paint and insurance, and makes it work beautifully. Both of the companies, Coop's Paint and Nationwide receive coverage and it's something that will stick in your mind.

Paint Spill

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Mallory Kublin said...

Wow, this was very cleaver. I had to stop and really analyze it to get the full effect but it definitely caught my eye!