Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Enjoy your tuition money to the fullest with music

I've been to a lot of shows here at FSU where it felt like they were private concerts just for me. I would even talk to the bands after the show. Of course I love this kind of intimacy with my music, but at the same time I wish others could share in these experiences with me. I've always felt not enough students take the time to check out the acts coming through. Sure, Union Productions appeals more to an indie crowd and I might know most of the bands they book beforehand, but I've definitely discovered new gems through taking the time to check out some of the shows where I didn't know the artist like Walter Meego and A.A. Bondy. So in the hopes to see more of you out at these FREE shows I decided I'd share some of the artists listed to make an appearance here that I will definitely be checking out. If you guys like anything you hear, let me know and maybe come with me to see it live.

March 2nd P.O.S.

March 15th Fruit Bats

March 17th Little Dragon

March 24th Cursive

March 26th Hockey

April 3rd Ted Leo & the Pharmacists

April 5th The Big Pink

April 11th White Rabbits

Enjoy your tuition money to the fullest with music

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