Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Catching Criminals

Just a few weeks ago, New York City joined in the national initiative to help the FBI catch highly wanted criminals. Times Square unveiled a new, 30x40 foot digital billboard screen that will consistently flash up-to-date pictures and information about wanted criminals in the New York area.

The program, funded entirely by Clear Channel Outdoor as a free public service, began in 2007. Today, there are over 1,500 digital billboards across the nation, and Clear Channel Outdoor has been joined by Adams Outdoor, Lamar Advertising, and the Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia.

According to the FBI's website, these digital billboards have helped directly solve at least 30 cases, and served as a contributor to many more. My personal favorite is the story of the New Mexican kid who was wanted for robbing a bank. Later on when he was driving around with his mother, they happened to pass by one of these digital billboards with his picture on it! Needless to say, mom wasn't happy, and he turned himself in that day. For more stories, click here.

The official press release says that NYC hopes to use their new billboard not only to catch criminals, but to locate victims of kidnapping and missing children as well. I think this is a great idea. The more eyes we have looking out for these people, whether they're the criminals or the victims, the better chance we have of finding them and making the world a little safer place.

Catching Criminals

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Mike Uchimura said...

Just wait, soon they're going to start sending everyone picture messages on their iphones.Good blog Jess!!!