Monday, February 1, 2010


So over the weekend I went paintballing with our fellow classmate Alessandra and a few of our friends. There were six of us and half had never been before, myself included. We all looked super fashionable...clearly. We met at Al's place and I found out that one of the guys we were playing with had been in the Army for 4 years and had been to Iraq...unfair advantage! Needless to say he was the best on the field. The paintballing place we ended up going to was extremely sketch (someone's massive backyard with fields set up) but had an awesome small field which I wish I had gotten a picture of. We played from about 12:30 to 4. After many rounds, we were all thoroughly exhausted and needed showers. I could tell from the feeling in my thighs that they would be on fire the next morning...which they are. I have my share of bruises but the one you see is the worst. Even though I'm in some pain today it was definitely worth it.


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Maria Correa said...

Hahaha I've been there before it's super sketch! And the guy's kids are running around watching lol. I can't believe I missed out, you have to plan another round so I can go!