Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Social Media Climbing to New Heights

In the midst of the new age of technology taking off, nontraditional advertising seems to be climbing to new heights. In New York City and many other metropolitan communities, huge interactive billboards seem to be starting to tower over cities. Not only do these billboards run up to date weather reports, stream advertising, but they also let advertisers post tweets directly to the billboard themselves. (Stilson 2010)

With social media advertising campaigns becoming essential in today’s marketplace, the interactive billboard offer a way to reach people that don’t necessarily follower twitter; but more importantly, they get in touch with tweet savvy, new age Millennials.

This is a genius technique for advertisers to reach such a sizeable segment of society in a way that is beneficial to the everyday person. But more importantly, the interactive billboard also seems personal because of live tweets that you might see on your PDA.

Because of this newfound technology in nontraditional advertising, city inhabitants will be more up to date on current news and weather… but get a twist of nontraditional advertising additionally.


Stilson, Janet. "Out There: Anti-Static Cling." AdWeek (2010): n. pag. Web. 3 Feb 2010. .

Social Media Climbing to New Heights

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