Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Can I interest you in a game of Chess?

Dear Audi,

You got served. Outdoor billboards are one of the most popular forms of non-traditional advertising to date, which makes it hard for a campaign to really grab your attention. Drivers may see an ad while on a long road trip or on their way to work, but how many people actually absorb the ad's message? Yeah, this could be a problem.

But then there are beautifully brilliant ads like this. Audi placed a billboard that reads "Your move, BMW. The entirely new Audi AA." Audi--may I ask why it is that you've mentioned your biggest competitor? Not only have you just shifted the focus from your product to another, but you've also provoked BMW to respond back. 

I take it BMW wasn't too thrilled to see this ad. But, no worries. It only took one word to put Audi back in it's place; "Checkmate." It's simple, concise, and incredibly awesome. The black background signifies boldness and the white car is sleek and shiny.  Audi - 0, BMW -1.

The only thing that could possibly make this better is if I could see the look on the advertising team's faces. 


Can I interest you in a game of Chess?


Michael Merali said...

Smart move BMW.

Aaren Graves said...

love this. Clever and makes a point at the same time. Good job BMW!