Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cuts like a Knife.

hors media.8.jpg

While looking for non traditional advertisements, I came across a lot of funny billboards. While it is always a good laugh to peruse funny billboards, they don't exactly grasp the concept of non traditional. I thought that the example displayed above captured the purpose of nontraditional advertising better. Let's all take a second and picture ourselves driving down the highway; seeing a giant knife cutting a lamppost in half would definitely catch our eye, wouldn't it? The beauty of non traditional is to be...wait for it...non traditional. It gives the agencies the opportunity to push boundaries and capture the audience in a more drastic and captivating way. This will hopefully expand the reach of the ad, creating more profit. Though there were many other ads I found that also would have been acceptable to speak about, the creativity of this Zwilling ad really stood out to me; creativity of the design as well as the placement. Bravo Zwilling...bravo.


Cuts like a Knife.

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