Tuesday, February 2, 2010


On a hot summer day with your friends on the beach, you notice many ads flying over the crystal blue ocean. However, instead of a plane flying a banner, how about using a real fly.

From a German ad agency, they wanted to save money so they hired flies to do the job. Supposedly, the flies had a tough time flying with the added weight of the banner.

I like this ad because it is really unconventional, stupid, and completely unrealistic, but it is funny to think that someone actually did this. I think it would be very noticeable for a fly to land on you with a huge banner attached to it. Even though I would try to kill the fly when it landed on me, if it had a banner attached to him/her I would give some time in reading what the little fly had to advertise.


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Arielle's Blog said...

I'm confused as to how they even managed to do that! I would be really grossed out if that landed on me haha. At least it's free labor.