Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Do you get it now?

The green lifestyle is everywhere. The planet is OBSESSED with living naturally, and this is one craze that we all could afford to see hang around for a while. The World Wildlife Fund has always been an advocate of being kind to the environment and they have now taken their message to a different, and somewhat odd level of communication.

The WWF has started sponsoring public restrooms. They supply "Earth friendly" paper towels and supplies. In return you see a cool visual like this...

The caption reads "Save paper. Save the planet." This simple message is paired with a image of one of the continents,colored bright green by the paper towels behind it. As paper towels are used, the color drops lower and lower until there is nothing left.

I love this idea because it's simple, gets the point across, and is a friendly reminder to go green in everything you do.

Do you get it now?

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