Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Keeping [brand] Promises

Before I spoil it for you, I want everyone to get a chance to watch this video. This guerilla stunt was created by Colenso BBDO, an agency in Auckland, NZ. Sorry for lack of sound!

One word: Genius. Not only did they engrave their tagline into everybody's head, but they managed to take a product as boring and undifferentiated as mail and transform it. They did something unheard of: who ever though of blowing up a billboard? or anything in the street for that matter? The way BBDO generated buzz for this stunt was brilliant.

Instead of creating a really cool billboard or ad (which, realistically, how creative can you get with mail? FedEx already used the giant pigeons...), this stunt got people talking. They announced it on all the packages they shipped, and even had webcam's placed in front of the billboard so viewers could follow the countdown online. And then the impossible happened, in front of hundreds of people: KABOOM!

This stunt should be an inspiration for all brands. How far are you willing to go to prove your brand promise?

Keeping [brand] Promises

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