Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Awkward Family Photos

So a friend of mine was on stumbleupon.com and came across a ton of these funny family pictures. We have all seen our fair share of awkward family photos but these are absolutely crazy. One couple uses their cats to cover up their naked bodies. Another mother and daughter are in the bathtub with an animal I've never seen in my entire life. Or how about this first picture, they really thought they were clever with that one! I don't know about you but these aren't exactly my idea of a nice Christmas card but I guess that's what makes these so hilarious.

Awkward Family Photos


Ramage, what? said...

That's a little but too much for me :-/ i mean i get it, but seriously the fur and the blood and the bones crunching...i gagged twice

Jessica G said...

People. Are. So. Weird. And I love it!!

(And I think Matt meant to comment on someone else's post...)