Monday, March 15, 2010

Just The Facts

1. Tattoos theoretically could be thoughtful additions to your appearance. Unfortunately there are thousands of tattoo parlors (many open 24 hours) and people just don't have that many thoughts. So most are stupid
2. Tattoos are permanent. Your motivation/blood-alcohol level is not.
3. Tattoos are now as edgy as a padded watermelon.

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Personally, I don't have a tattoo, but I was wondering if anyone in the class did? Is anyone thinking about getting a tattoo, and if so, of what?

When I would go to the beach I would get Henna tattoos, my favorite was a gecko on my foot. I sharpied it in when it wore off. I loved that thing.

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SallyPage said...

This is pretty funny. I've definitely seen my fair share of bad tattoos but some I actually love. I have a friend who has a tiny pink ribbon on the top of her foot for her mom who is still battling breast cancer... if I ever got one it'd be something like that for a person I really care for because if you do it for a person that motivation will never change... otherwise i'll probably steer clear

Michela Fleury said...

I got my first tatoo over Christmas break. As a person who is TERRIFIED of ANYTHING that is permanent... it took me a long time to figure out what I wanted and if I would still want it 20 years from now. My best friends and I (from RI) had been talking about getting anchor tattoos since we were in high school and so we finally did it this year. (After 8 years & countless hours weighing the pros & cons of getting it done)

I think tatoos are cool if they have meaning to you. Mine for example, an anchor, symbolizes where I'm from (its the RI state flag) as well as a deeper meaning of continuously staying grounded and remembering your roots and where you come from.

Andre 3000 said...

I am not the biggest fan of tattos, mainly because I don't like anything permanent. But I do agree with Michela and Sally that if you get one you should have a strong motivation to get one.

The thing that I hate the most is when people get tattos of their significant other, for example: I love Kathy forever. But than five years later they break up. I find that so stupid. I have been playing around with the thought of something, but definetly not anybody's name. I know my name, and I don't want someone stamped onto mine.

Emily said...

I've been thinking of getting one. Like Michela I want an anchor. Besides the staying grounded part it symbolizes my grandfather and my father for me. My grandfather because he was always on the sea before he battled cancer for 5 years. He had it from the collar bone to the pubic bone and passed a little over a year ago :(. We actually spread his ashes in the ocean. And my father because he's in the Navy and he's been really important in my life. I've been holding off because the thought of it being so permanent scares me and my mom would disown me haha.

Ramage, what? said...

i would only get one tattoo. EVER. and it woudl be a portrait of my grandma ( she used to be a professional swing dancer and i would get this awesome pic of her looking fierce at a competition) thats the only one i'm gutsy enough to even think about getting.