Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Standing Out by Blending In

Standing out from the clutter is one of the biggest challenges facing ads today. There are lots of ways to approach this problem; brands like Burger King and Old Spice seek to rise above the crowd using comedy. Products like "Head-On" (apply directly to the forehead) try a more subliminal approach. Companies like Mountain Dew and Five Gum use striking visuals and impressive visual effects to stand apart. While all these methods have enjoyed great success, NBC teamed up with Dr. Pepper and decided to try something new.

On a commercial break during NBC's hit show "30 Rock", NBC aired Dr. Pepper commercial starring one of 30 Rock's characters "Dr. Spaceman" (played by Chris Parnell). The commercial was witty, in similar style to the actual show, and flowed seamlessly from where the program left off for commercial break.

This ad was genius. Not only did it ensure that the audience would approve of the medium (they were already watching 30 Rock, after all), but Dr. Pepper aligned it's brand with the humor and personality of 30 Rock. While it wasn't the first ad to blur the lines of advertising and television programming, it's definitely my new favorite.

Standing Out by Blending In

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Ramage, what? said...

I love ad campaigns like this. The viewer is already engaged and that's when you strike. I especially like how Family guy makes fun of it, when they go into their "The more you know" PSA's. Classic.