Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So, I was looking through my old notes of interviews tips and what not when I came across the information I got when I attended the AWNY (Advertising Women of New York) conference with the Ad Club this past fall. While at the conference I attended several workshops. One of the workshops was done by a women who was giving us tips of how to get an internship. I was looking over the notes I took while in her section and I found a list of resources she had given us. She told us we should read these pieces of literature because they would help us out when we get into the industry. She gave us a list of six books, and one of them was our Whipple book!! I thought that was soo funny! Kudos to your book choices, Catch Your Limit.


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Ramage, what? said...

I love this book. Good ol' Whip