Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My life IS the Jersey Shore. Now Proven True.

So , everyone and their mother seems to be obsessed with the MTV phenomenon Jersey Shore. Being that I am from New Jersey (born and raised and proud) and go to school in Florida, I am always asked by everyone, "Lys, is that what your high school was like?!?!"

Ok, now it's a bit embarrassing, but yes, I did go to high school with kids like this. How am I going to prove this to you? Well, Here is the brand new show that is going to be airing soon on the Style Network. This show is called Jerseylicious. Sounds awesome, right? Not.

Jerseylicious is all about what it is like to work in a hair salon in New Jersey. Cause everyone knows, in Jersey we do BIG hair. No, for real, I have actually had people tell me that my hair isn't big enough to be from New Jersey. Crazy, I know!t

Here is a link for you to learn a bit more about the show...

The main character, Olivia, went to my high school. She was the year above me (she graduated in 2007).

So, Now I can say it. Hello, my name is Ilyssa and I went to school with people exactly like Jersey Shore.

My life IS the Jersey Shore. Now Proven True.

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Olivia Spivey said...

her name would be olivia...