Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Product placement courtesy of Lady Gaga

In the famous words of the Saw movies...Would you like to play a game? Can you spot all the product placements in the Lady Gaga "Telephone" video? I'll give you 10 minutes to watch it and count them up. If you answered 6, then you are correct. Throughout the 9 minute and 30 second music video, brands like Virgin Mobile, Diet Coke,, Honey Buns, Miracle Whip, and Wonder Bread all popped up in random but sometimes obvious places. The most inconspicuous one though, would be the cans of Diet Coke rolled up in Lady Gaga's hair, like hair rollers. In an article on, it says that Miracle Whip has done nothing but benefitted from the extra exposure in the video. Miracle Whip for the past couple of years has been looking and experimenting with different ways to re-brand themselves and make what seems to us as a boring condiment, into a necessity for any food. Miracle whip has been looking to focus their target to the younger 18-35 year old audience by coming up with new packaging and developing a new "snappier" identity. Whether done on purpose by Miracle Whip executives or just through the unpredictable crazy mind of Lady Gaga, I feel like Miracle Whip couldn't have asked for better advertisements. With over 5.5 million youtube views by mostly teens and young adults, it hits Miracle Whip's target audience dead on. So with that said, I think that Miracle Whip should write Lady Gaga a thank you note or send her a lifetime supple of free mayonnaise for the advertising that she is doing for their company. Next Lady Gaga video that comes out, who knows it might have more product placements, so keep on the lookout for them!

Product placement courtesy of Lady Gaga

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