Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This American Life

If any of you are searching for a fun elective in the Fall, take Nonverbal Communication. I find the information relevant and interesting and I learn something new every class. Here is a little sneak peek into what a regular class day might be like.

The teacher talks... "...blah blah blah..., Now here is a clip I want everyone to listen to. Pin Point the voice cues you hear...

(she opens up a radio clip. "This American Life:Fiasco!".

We listened to the clip and then we talked about it. Class Activity: Check!

What was so interesting about "This American Life" was they made listening to stories interesting and funny. Radio always seems dull and I never listen to it because I am a visual learner, but the way the two narrators told the story left me wanting to hear me. I am a fan of This American Life and I was impressed how they used their voices, music, and co-moderation to grasp the attention of any listener. I hope you will listen to it. The Fiasco was hilarious and my teacher said it was one of group's favorites. The class exercise will help me in the future when I am creating radio advertisements.

Here are some links to get you listening:

This American Life


This American Life

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