Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Google & China

I'm sure many of you, like myself, were intrigued by the Google/China situation that was brought to our attention in class last week. Since then I have done some research on it and found a great article on CNN's website that breaks things down clearly and tells us what it means for their users. Don't worry, its no very long like most CNN stories are, hope you enjoy!

Google & China


Alessandra Pastori said...

I can't believe they shut it down! I'm glad they're standing their ground.

I read this article a couple nights back and think you may enjoy it. See you in class!


Michael Merali said...

China has this big issue of censorship that they are going to need to get over in order to further themselves as a world power. Google was just the beginning. GoDaddy.com (the hosting/domain name provider)also pulled out this week, though with a lot less fanfare than Google. Who knows how many others are going to follow suit.