Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Love Affair with Technology

Me and technology go way back.

I guess it all started when my dad brought home the Nintendo when I was just 2. He'd hand me an unplugged controller and I'd stand there glassy-eyed, gazing in awe as the 16-bit plumber stole not just gold coins, but my heart. Sigh... I'll never forget those long nights we spent rescuing that princess from Bowser's castle; those were magical times.

My flame for technology was rekindled a few years later, when my mother bought me a children's spy-kit. It was chock-full of cutting edge innovations; a microphone on a string, binoculars, noise cancelling headphones to increase my spying capabilities; that puppy was my ticket to a life in espionage. Somehow though, the flame puttered out, and before long my love for technology fell to the wayside once again.

Until a few days ago. My brother stumbled across this website called ChinaGrabber, a website selling knock-off Chinese technology at ridiculously low prices. I visited the website, and I've got to say... It was love at first site (pun intended). This website had some of the most obscure, random, and shady technology I've seen in years. Watches and pens with built in video cameras and mp3 players for less than 50$. A handheld Nintendo/mp3/video player for 50$. A really nice looking watch that plays videos for 70$. It was like all the things I loved about technology were reincarnated as Chinese merchandise! It's a beautiful thing.

If your love-life with technology could use a little spicing up, turn the lights down low, put on some Manilow and give ChinaGrabber a chance. You might just get lucky!

My Love Affair with Technology

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Collin Miranda said...

Oh snap! This amazing, thanks!