Sunday, March 28, 2010


Don't tell Sally Page, Alex, or Kellie but I am blogging while I am at a group meeting for media planning. Anyway my boyfriend was showing me some de-motivational posters and there were quite a lot that were extremely sexist. Like go make me a sandwich style. I was able to laugh it off because I knew he wasn't being serious but then thought...those nerdy little guys making those might be. And because I am an ad major I looked some old 1950s US ads and this is what I found.

Funny how we think that we the ad is totally offensice but most of the ladies can laugh off a fake demotivational poster such as the first picture.

The truth is, I am not gonna make you a sandwich. And although I may laugh at these awful displays of sexism, I do not agree. I am pretty sure not one of the women in our creative class will either.


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Ramage, what? said...

I would believe this blog more if a woman hadnt written it ;) JKJK <3 you