Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thats Gotta Hurt

Saw this billboard advertisement and thought it was very interesting. The company took the normally very boring 2 dimensional billboard and turned it into something that is 3 dimensional. On top of making the actual muffins in the pan 3-D, I like how to emphasize the fact that their muffins are big, they used the situation of one falling on a car and crushing it. This advertisement not only uses the billboard space but they also make use of the space below. I think stepping away from the boring 2 dimensional billboard is the way to go. Billboards have turned from eye catching advertisements to eye-sores and just simple mile markers on the interstate. The billboards I pass on my way home on I-10 are just simply ways for me tell how far I am, instead of getting me to buy the latest product that that certain company is selling or promoting. Billboards have lost their flare and their ability to grab the attention of the passer-bys. With more billboards like the one in the picture, you can't help but to look and it. That is the whole purpose of having billboard advertisements to begin with, to catch your eye and make you think about the product. Maybe companies should use this billboard as an example and build their ideas around this concept of the billboard. If more billboards were like this, then they wold definitely catch my eye and maybe even do a double take, all while driving my car and attempting not to crash.

Thats Gotta Hurt

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Alexandra Taylor said...

this is such a cool billboard!!