Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Best Movie!

Ever since the I was about eight or nine my mother would insist on the family watching the Oscars together. After about fifteen or so it just became known that we were going to watch it, and then by eighteen once I left the nest it became natural. This year was no different, I watched it again.

The category that I always find most intriguing is Best Picture, which basically means the best movie of the year by film critics who have studied this stuff and know the craft, which in effect I feel obligated to watch every single movie nominated in this category. There were ten movies this year: Avatar, The Blind Side, District 9, An Education, The Hurt Locker, Inglorious Bastards, Precious, A Serious Man, Up, Up in the Air. But I have only manage to see five thus far.

The Blind Side was really good. Amazing story line, it was a feel good movie. It made me want to go do something for somebody else other than myself. Anything and everything you could want in a movie- drama, comedy, and not to mention Sandra Bullock (who is kind of hot).

When I saw that, The Hurt Locker won best picture that night I scurried to the video store and rented the movie. Honestly, the movie was so-so, I thought it was really good action packed movie, but I don't think it deserved best picture, sorry.

After seeing Precious I didn't yield the reaction that I thought. Loins Gate Film production blitzed the promotion for this movie, because initially it was supposed to go to DVD, but after a few big names like Oprah and Tyler Perry saw it they dished out a few bucks to get this movie into theaters. The commercials made you feel so sympathetic toward the young lady in the movie, however after watching it, the movie felt more like a documentary. It is hard to explain because I thought it would have a flow of events, but it showed more so as a book, because we actually got to see her flashbacks, which was a bit random and didn't always coincide or flow. Overall the best part of the movie was Monique, needless to say she won the Oscar.

Up in the Air, received so much critical acclaim before it even came out, to the point of where I felt like if I didn't see the movie I would be the only one. On some polls it was even considered the best movie of 2009. Contrary to most peoples' view of the movie, I actually liked it. I loved how we were contained in his world, because as a normal human being we don't live like that, but he does and for once I could escape. I liked his job too, which I found particularly interesting. And I even wonder if such a job exists because if so I might not mind being the barrier of bad news, (just might have to sleep with one eye open). Haha.

My favorite movie from the five that I have seen though has to be Up. When I discovered that a kid movie was nominated I chuckled at the thought. I watched the movie and within five minutes of the movie I was laughing. This movie really holds your attention to be a kid movie. I liked the music as well throughout the story. But above all I liked the adventure, the old guy who is off to see this place that his deceased wife wants to see, goes and visits it, even though he is old. It was timeless, it shows you that no matter what age you are you are never to old for an adventure.

I do feel like the only person who hasn't seen Avatar, but in all honesty I really don't think that I will be into it. I saw the previews but nothing jumped out at me. I have been told that Inglorious Bastards was good, and you can just tell by the guy who won for supporting actor that they did a great job with that film. Also A Serious Man and An Education I want to see. And the first time I even heard of District Nine was the night of the Oscars, so I probably won;t watch or wait for HBO to show it.

What is your favorite pick for Best Picture?

Best Movie!

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Kellie Cochran said...

I haven't seen Avatar either, haha, we probably are the only 2 people I know who haven't. Inglourious Basterds is AMAZING. You need to see it for sure, as soon as I saw it in theaters I had to go back and see it again, I enjoyed it that much =).