Monday, March 29, 2010

The Best of Youtube

This morning, I logged into my Twitter account (follow me!) and saw that TIME had posted a list of Youtube's top 50 videos in honor of the site's upcoming 5th birthday. I was surprised at how many I had actually seen and enjoyed myself, like #1 "Charlie Bit My Finger," which has an incredible 173 MILLION views, #9 "Dramatic Chipmunk," and #50, "Trapped in an Elevator." And if you haven't been Rickrolled by now, it's about time! There were a few videos on the list that were new to me, like #35 "Daft Hands" (a little slow, but it gets kind of crazy!) and #17, "Otters Holding Hands" (self explanatory, but really cute). What about you guys...were there any surprises on this list? It's incredible to me that something as hugely popular as Youtube has really only been around for five years.

The Best of Youtube

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Ramage, what? said...

I love youtube. Best online invention of the last decade. HANDS DOWN