Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Coffee-cup-on-car-roof stunt is good PR for Starbucks

Kenny Fried a 48 year old PR man working the account of Starbuck decided to drive around town of New York city with a cup of coffee on top of the car's roof to observe people's reactions. Would people respond and try to help or blankly stare without saying a thing? Those samaritans who pointed out the coffee on top of the car received a $5 dollar coupon to Starbucks. Not only was this a clever promotion but you could also see as a study of human nature. This is a perfect example of how to get away from traditional TV or Print ads and shows how anything could be considered media, and its all a canvas an ad person can use to paint a brand's story.

Coffee-cup-on-car-roof stunt is good PR for Starbucks


Arielle's Blog said...

Haha that's amazing!

Lys said...

This is really neat. I like the idea because it rewards people for being kind to each other! Hurray for kindness!!

Ramage, what? said...

This stuff never happens in tallahassee :(