Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Music is my play doh

I can't create my own music, I don't have the patience or imagination, but love to take other's music and add/take away as I see fit. It's amazing how malleable radio song structures are, I could pick any two acapellas/instrumentals you'd here on the radio, put them together with a little change of speed/pitch and have something that sounds like it was meant to go together. In fact you wouldn't be able to tell it wasn't the original if it wasn't for the fact that you hear it all the time on the radio. More independent music is a lot harder to smash together without having an accident on your hands. It takes thought and a lot of editing, but it always turns out more rewarding. Either way it isn't too hard to combine songs into one if you have a good ear and a little imagination. Here's a mashup of the Beastie Boys and Boys Noize I made, I would call it Beastie Noize or Noize Boys if those didn't both sound so tool-esque, but either way it works. Check it out...

Color Me Curious - Intergalactic Nerve by colormecurious

Music is my play doh


Collin Miranda said...

Pretty sweet. I've been looking into creating some Mash-ups of my own lately, and I'm wondering if you can recommend any particular program for Windows. Preferably one with a good vocal remover/isolator. I got Audacity and have been playing around with that.

Ramage, what? said...