Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Support your Local Talent!!

For those who don't know, Tallahassee has a Film Festival! Coming from Miami where I was a loyal attendee at the Miami International Film Festival which is AMAZING, it was really exciting to hear that Tallahassee has one too. Its fairly new, they only started doing this in 2008, but none the less its great that Tallahassee is supporting the Arts. Most of the movies entered are from students and local film makers. One of the events that will be going on is the 48-hour Film Contest:
"Speed! Sound! Action!
The 48 Hour Film Contest is a madcap weekend of filmmaking mayhem. You and your team make a 5-minute movie-write, shoot, and edit it-in only 48 hours!
On Friday evening, you get a theme, a prop, and a line of dialogue which must be included in your film. On Sunday evening, you turn in your work. Then all the movies will be posted on our sponsor, Tallahassee.com.
Friends, family, and the community vote for their favorites on Tallahassee.com, the winners will receive their awards during the Tallahassee Film Festival." (This sounds REALLY EXCITING!!)

For those who are interested the Festival dates are April 8th - 11th. They also have an ALL ACESS pass which cost $20 and will get you into all and any film that week. For more information visit their website: www.tallahasseefilmfestival.com

Hope to see you there!!

Support your Local Talent!!

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