Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chocolate Cravings

No matter what stresses you or what's going through your head, everyone has that one thing that calms you down. For a lot of guys, it's sports. Going out any playing, or inviting friends over for a video game tournament. A lot of girls go running, or eat comfort food = Chocolate especially. I know there are some weirdos who don't like chocolate, but I'm obsessed! The worst part is since I didn't live in the US as a kid, a lot of the chocolates I like don't exist here! For example, I'm obsessed with Malteser's by Mars and Nestle's Lion, which are both from England. Cadbury is also British, but it's bigger outside of Europe, like in Argentina and other countries. I know you can find Cadbury bars here, but not everywhere. Not saying that there aren't chocolate bars here that are good enough to de-stress me, but that's just what I'm used to and crave. Anyways, here's a Cadbury ad from Argentina that I love! Subtitles include.

Chocolate Cravings

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Aaren Graves said...

Like you, I am also a chocolate lover. I do run whenever I need to get my mind off things, but chocolate always cures all. I think this ad is funny. Although you may think guys make up for things they do, but nothing can beat chocolate:)