Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Domino's Pizza

I think Domino's latest campaign is a perfect example of why focus groups are a great research tool. By conducting all those focus groups, they were able to figure out why people weren't purchasing Domino's as often as their competitors. They found out that people were not happy with the taste of the product and were able to re-vamp it. Now with their commercials explaining that Domino's has changed their product, people are ordering more pizza from them. I myself was intrigued by these commercials and ordered a pizza from Domino's and was surprised with the taste. If you had ever eaten Domino's before the re-vamp you can definitely tell that their ingredients have changed, and for the better. I think many companies in food service, or any service for that matter, could use similar tactics used by Domino's to improve their product and in return, their sales.

Domino's Pizza

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Jessica G said...

Ahh cool! Domino's had always been my least favorite place for pizza but ever since the commercials have come out I've been wanting to try their new stuff.