Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hip-Hop At FSU

Last night I went to a hip-hop concert at Club Down Under. The audience at this show was not typical whatsoever for this genre. 99% of the audience was caucasian. The reason for this is that the music wasn't your typical hip-hop music of today, it had conscience and promoted good feelings. P.O.S., the headlining artist, even said so himself, "This show isn't about being better than anyone else, you're all great, you're all here, and you're all sharing in this moment with me." I felt like I was surrounded by a bunch of damaged young adults and P.O.S. was their therapy. I was just there for the beats, the flow, and the experience. His positive message didn't really resonate with me, but through watching others in the crowd I realized just how important this art was to them. It was probably the first concert I've been to where the majority of the crowd seemed sober and intent on being fully involved with the music, which served as their drug or better yet their medicine. I'll leave you with one of his better messages, this is one of the many hoarse choruses chanted at the top of every sweating body in the venue's worn out lungs "No one will ever be, like me!"

Hip-Hop At FSU


Brock ><(("> said...

My roommate went to the show,he said it was a blast. I wish I could've gone but I had to rehearse for our Whipple presentation!

Ramage, what? said...

WHIPPLE FOR THE WIN! lol sorry brockster :(