Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's almost spring break!

With Spring Break finally in sight, it's hard to stay focused on school work. It took all I had to make myself sit down this morning and finish cramming for our Media Planning midterm instead of tootling around on Facebook or constructing my super awesome class schedule for next Fall. I have a Spanish assignment I've been meaning to work on for the past three hours but I somehow have managed to find "better" things to do all night. Like watching this puppycam, for example. It is literally a live stream of someone's living room where there are five puppies hanging out, sleeping, playing. According to the visitor counter, there are currently 15 other people in the world who are choosing to spend their time in the same manner as I am. There's not much to it but it's a good way to spend about half a minute. And like a baby's laugh, or skipping, puppies make you smile pretty much every time you see them. Maybe moreso at two in the morning.

Live Broadcasting by Ustream

It's almost spring break!

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Alexandra Taylor said...

my mom sent me this link a few weeks ago the puppies are so cute!