Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This would NOT fly in America.

You've all heard the saying "sex sells." This French anti-smoking campaign by Droits des Non Fumeurs has taken the provocative approach to communicate the hazards of smoking. The ad is comparing teenagers smoking cigarettes to forced oral sex. Not only is this campaign using the shock value, but it's downright risky. It almost makes me not want to look at the ad because I feel like I'm witnessing an act of child pedophilia. Sometimes I wonder how countries let advertisements like this actually go through production. It just goes to show you how different our cultures really are.

If Droits' goal was to generate worldwide online buzz and grab attention, they've certainly accomplished it. The ad has a powerful message, but I still don't exactly respond positively to the campaign.

What do you guys think?


This would NOT fly in America.

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Aaren Graves said...

I agree, this ad is a little risky. Although the image is not actually graphic, the message in which the ad is portrayed, is definitely not something that would be approved of in the United States. I see Tobacco Free Florida ads, an anti tobacco campaign within the state of Florida, with much simpler ads that portray the same message. Was this graphic ad really necessary?