Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Graffiti Me Not

Banksy's Beware

The war between graffiti artists may be coming to an end thanks to innovative technologies. High-tech applications for Blackberry's and iPhones are being created to end vandalism. A new application, soon to be released will allow citizens to report graffiti through a click of their phone.

"(Graffiti) impacts how people feel about the way they live," said Montes, in Avondale. "They feel insecure. It makes people feel unsafe, that they've been violated."

The latest weapon is an application offered to smart phones. Upon located graffiti on your local route, one opens the application where your camera is enabled. Within minutes of taking a picture of the graffiti, the application registers your GPS location sending an address/photograph to cleanup crews. GPC, the company commissioned, sends out workers with matching paint to cover the graffiti. This technology is now lending itself to catching graffiti artists as well as painting over their tags.

"Tripline Systems uses covert motion-detecting cameras that are hidden in bushes or pipes. When camera sensors are tripped, it sends a picture of the vandal committing the crime to a police officer's BlackBerry." The new system has already led authorities to multiple violators resulting in numerous arrests. Soon, the application will be released to all with hopes of participation in aiding the end of vadalism.

Graffiti Me Not

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Anonymous said...

But they will never end graffiti like that, there will be more and more...
the only chance I see is getting graffiti artists to paint murals so the walls dont get vandalised,
theres some sites out there where you can see that kind of work like